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Why we are special

Passion for travel

We are fellow travelers. Having traveled the world ourselves we feel a connection to the power of Wanderlust.   

Forward Thinking

The way we thinking about travel is colored from many angles and we constantly strive to deliver something truly unique on every adventure. 

Problem Solvers

Something we have taken with us from our previous careers is an ability to find creative solutions to every situation we encounter!

Customer service

Our customers safety, enjoyment and satisfaction are the ONLY priorities we have. We are here for you.

The Story of Two Brothers

Having met in Nepal in the mid 1980`s, founding partners Chhiring Dorje and Carl-Magnus Fossum have a relationship that spans more than 30 years. And counting. 

Carl-Magnus`s father worked as a pilot for the UN, flying all over the Himalayas in a Twin Otter. Tserings family was involved in antiques and carpets when our two families first met. 

This was the start of a very special relationship for both families, and has led to the mash-up of styles that creates this unique little travel company.

Chhiring Dorje Gurung

Chhiring Dorje Gurung

CEO and Operations Manager

Chhiring is the heart of Snow Lion, and makes all our local arrangements in Nepal, booking hotels and transportation, getting permits, managing guides and planning for every eventuality. He also uses his love for getting to know people to gain access to experiences for his guests that are truly unique.

With a serious passion for photography and video, he is responsible for most of the pictures on our site.

Carl-Magnus Fossum

Carl-Magnus Fossum

Creative Director and guide

Carl uses his background as a video director and VIP travel guide to create the special experiences we deliver. As a life long lover of knowledge and experiences, Carl finds fascination in every aspect of Nepal, and will make sure to share that passion with you.

He will put his concidereable creative power to work to create the ultimate experience of your dreams!