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Discover Nepal,Discover Yourself

Experience Nepal With Friends

Or all by yourself...

Wake To a Different Kind of Adventure


Snow Lion is a travel company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The two founding partners are from Nepal and Norway, and have known each other for 30 years.  After having traveled Nepal together with friends and family for many years, creating unique experiences for them as a hobbie, they decided to make a business out of their common passion:


Delivering adventures and experiences you will talk about for a lifetime.

Coming from wildely different backgrounds both professionally and culturally, they use their life long friendship to mash those differences into something very special. Something we belive makes our product stand out, and creates truly once in a lifetime experiences.


The Backpackers Delight

Traveling alone on a shoe string budget can be an amazing adventure! We have all the most popular treks available, and help you with plans, permits, ticketing, transportation and guides, all made to fit the wallet of our cost contious travelers.

The Snow Lion Experience

These are complete all inclusive mixed adventures spanning 2-3 weeks that we have custom designed. You can order these for any date and size group, or join one of our scheduled adventures in a mixed group.

The Comfort Zone

Not everybody is up for adventure and sleeping in tents. Thats why we make packages especially for those who like a slow pace and a heavy focus on knowledge, culture, food and experiences made with the mind, not the body.